• Light Tank
    HP: 300 Body / 100 Tread / 50 Radiator
    Spd: 6 Initiative: +2
    AC: 15

    75% damage reduction from non-penetration attacks
    10 resist all to body and tread
    +15 resist burst/blast damage
    -the 10/25 resist all is applied first. Whatever damage remains is reduced by 75% if applicable.

    Immune to poison, disease, bull rush, grab, crit, dazed, deafened, dominated, helpless, immobilized, petrified, prone, restrained, slowed, stunned, unconscious or weakened.

    Standard action * range 10/20, minimum range 5
    +6 attack 4d10 damage, ignores non-magic AC bonus from armor and shields
    Penetration attack

    Mortar Shell
    Standard action * range 10/20, minimum range 10
    +2 attack 4d6 damage, targets knocked prone
    If attack misses, deviate 1d4 squares in 1d8 direction, burst 4. Landing square takes normal damage. Rest of the squares take burst. No attack roll necessary

    Artillery Gun
    Front and side mounted
    Standard Action * range 5/10
    Five +3 attacks, 1d8 damage
    Threatening reach 10, unlimited opportunity attacks
    +4 attack, 1d8 damage
    Immediate Reaction * range 10, after an attack hits or misses tank
    Three +4 attacks, 1d8 damage


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