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Your Squad Leaders now have access to Orders.

Your Squad Leaders now have access to a Tank

Armor Kits  are now available. 

Each class will be able to choose one of two Medals starting at level 10. These medals are character specific, cannot be traded, and only work for the chosen character. Multi-classing does not allow a character to use a medal from a different class.

Each class also has access to specific Feats. Multi classing will allow a class access to another classes specific feats. Please note the Penetration Feat is only accessible by the Warlock/Wizard Class Medal.

There is a variety of equipment unique to this campaign. A class that is not proficient with a particular specialty weapon suffers a -5 penalty to attacks roles

After the prologue missions, the party will get access to a tank for their squad leader. Before that happens, here is a sample of a Light Tank you will have to deal with.

Main Page

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